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 Jordan's Rocks 


Jordan was a very special and caring young man and wanted to help everyone he could in good times as well as bad.  Jordan had a soft heart for animals, he would laugh and play with Shipley, our goldendoodle, grab treats and make him do tricks over and over.  He enjoyed going to the beach and lake to fish and boat.  He grew up playing and watching football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.  He liked to  ride dirt bikes and play pool and ping pong with his brothers.  He loved the cold weather and enjoyed snowboarding and visiting colder climate places.  He loved to travel to new places and was lucky enough to have traveled around the world.   He continuously strived to learn more by reading and doing research.  From a young age, he enjoyed eating and would try all new foods, which played into his love of travel.   However, what he really treasured the most was just catching up with friends and family.  He had a big smile and infectious belly laugh.

A message from Jordan's mom Monica Emerson

In June 2019, my sweet middle son, Jordan, gained his angel wings.  Jordan was 25 years old and he was a registered donor.  We felt very fortunate that we had a random conversation with Jordan and that we had witnessed his passion in his own words about the importance of organ donation.  He understood the impact one person could make with this simple decision to save others by saying yes to donation. He saved many lives and continues to live through others. Meeting Jordan’s recipients has been my saving grace and I feel so blessed to call them our family.   I paint rocks to honor Jordan, raise awareness and start conversation about organ donation.  I feel like Jordan would love the rocks.


Personalize your own Donate Life Rock

With a $25.00 donation to the Pre to Post Transplant Foundation, you can customize your very own rock.


With a $35.00 donation to the Pre to Post Transplant Foundation, you can customize 2 rocks (must be shipped to same address) 

Wherever you place your memory rock, we hope that it brings you happiness, makes you smile, and reminds you that your loved ones are near.

Each rock is hand painted by Jordan's mom with two design options for you to choose from.  You also have the option to have a QR code on the rock that links to  

Free shipping on all orders.


Rocks will be shipped out within 5-7 business days after order is complete.

Image by Lore Schodts

Jordan's Rocks

Christmas Edition

Step into the enchanting world of the Christmas Edition of Jordan's Rock! This holiday season, we proudly introduce our special Hand-Painted Christmas-themed rocks. Alongside our cherished regular rock collection, these hand-painted treasures add an extra layer of festive charm. What sets these rocks apart is their unique blend of artistry and a meaningful cause.

Our Christmas Edition rocks feature meticulously crafted Christmas-themed designs, each a labor of love, hand painted by Jordan's mom, Monica. These aren't just decorations; they are small works of art that capture the holiday spirit. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these rocks carry a profound message – they serve as ambassadors for organ donation awareness during this special time of year.

By choosing our Christmas Edition rocks, you're not merely adorning your space; you're becoming a part of something bigger. You're joining us in our mission to raise awareness for organ donation, making a positive impact during the holiday season. Celebrate the joy of Christmas and give the gift of awareness with Jordan's Rock this year.

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With a $12.00 donation you can customize

your very own rock.


With a $20.00 donation you can customize

2 rocks (must be shipped to same address) 

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