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Parking Program

Parking at the Texas Medical Center

Currently serving residents of Nora's Home in Houston, TX

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The Texas Medical Center, parking rates can be exorbitant, especially for patients or long-term visitors who require frequent visits. In 2023, parking rates rose to $19 per day, further adding to the financial burden faced by patients and their caregivers.

Transplant recipients and their caregivers have to make numerous visits to their transplant centers as they recuperate from their transplants. Even after several years, these visits are necessary to continue receiving care from their transplant physicians.

To ease the financial pressure of parking expenses, the Pre to Post Transplant Foundation is currently offering one-day parking passes to residents of Nora's Home, our community partner. While this service is presently limited to Nora's Home, we aspire to extend it to all transplant patients in the Houston region and eventually to transplant centers nationwide.

If you are staying at Nora's Home and require a parking pass, kindly ask a guest representative at the front desk for more information. 

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