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Cleaning Program

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Cleaning and Sanitizing

Every transplant recipient must take anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives to prevent the organ from rejecting their body.  The medication they take suppresses their immune system which, in turn, makes them vulnerable to bacteria.  The closer they are to their transplant, the more susceptible they are to bacteria.

The Pre to Post Transplant Foundation will offer a 1-time house cleaning service to transplant recipients living within 60 miles of the Houston Medical Center.

We will send a reputable house cleaning service to come into a recipient’s home or to the home they will be staying once they are discharged and clean their entire home one to two days prior to their discharge.  This will be at no cost to the recipient. 


For recipients who live out of town and who are staying with a loved one near the hospital for an extended period of time, the foundation will provide the service to the home where they will be staying.

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If there is a sudden change in the discharge date, notify us immediately so that we can try to reschedule with the cleaning company.  

Please note that if your discharge date changes after the service has been completed, we are unable to provide the service again

This service is not guaranteed..

Proud Partners of Pre to Post Transplant Foundation - Cleaning Program

Never give

up  Cleaning



We are looking for cleaning companies to partner with and join in our mission.  If you are interested in partnering with us, please CONTACT US

Q & A's

Q. Do I have be a recpient in order to be eligable for this service?

A. Yes.  Our House Cleaning Program is only for transplant recipients.

Q. How many times can I apply for this service?

A. You can apply as many times as you want to; however, we only provide this service one time.

Q. What if the place I am staying in after my transplant isn't my normal residence?

A. That's ok! We will provide this service to any home that you will be staying in; however, it           must  be a person's personal residence.  It cannot be a hotel, living facility, or rehab                  facility.

Q. What if I go to a rehab facility first before returning home?  Will I still qualify?

A. Yes. Once you know when you will be getting discharged from the rehab facility, you can          let us know and we will get you scheduled for a service. 

Q. Can my spouse apply for me?

A. Yes. Anyone can apply for you.

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